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ViewTrip is a web-based tool that provides your clients access to their itinerary, e-ticket and expense receipts for travel on a 24-hour basis.

ViewTrip features include:

  • Real-time changes to any itinerary booked with a Galileo-connected agent are available on a 24 hour basis through secure on-line access.
  • Printable Electronic Ticket Receipts and Electronic Expense Receipts are available to customers on-line.
  • Information is available for 24 hours after the last day of travel.
  • Information is downloadable to Outlook or Lotus Notes calendars.
  • Additional travel-related information includes destination weather forecasts.

Benefits of ViewTrip

  • Increases customer service, with customer access to travel information on-line, any time.
  • Reduces traveller queries and calls to your agency.
  • Empowers clients to verify or obtain information.
  • Improves customer satisfaction with a unique service for their travel needs.

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